Jonathan Steingraber

Broker of Record





Jonathan Steingraber has been investing in real estate and training thousands of people around the USA and CANADA for more than a decade.  Hundreds of thousands of people have attended his live trainings where he is proud to create an incredible experience and extremely valuable content on everything from real estate investing to financial education.  For his entire adult life he has had a passion for real estate, taxes, and personal finance.  Jon began his investing career through buying, fixing, and selling real estate assets in NJ.

Through his creativity and passion, he was then offered the opportunity to become the Marketing Director of CT HOMES, LLC in San Diego, California which led him to become a nationally recognized speaker for investing and educational program development.  Jon was a key part in developing what is today the largest and most successful real estate education company in the United States; FortuneBuilders, Inc.  He’s founded the largest real estate investment organization in the state of New Jersey and is presently the COO of one of NJ’s top boutique real estate brokerages, Signature Realty NJ, that houses over 100 real estate sales agents.

Jon like many other successful business owners has an interesting backstory.  Growing up in a lower middle class home and watching his parents constantly fight over financial problems was what drove Jon to become an entrepreneur.  His passion is in helping others achieve financial independence through passive investment opportunities.  Next Generation is the heart of this solution.