Gonzalo "Galo" Alvez

Team Manager






As the Pais Team Manager and Transaction Coordinator, Galo Alvez draws upon his 20 years of experience as a real estate sales professional to ensure a successful and timely close for our clients. “One of the biggest milestones in life is buying and selling a home. Whether a client is purchasing a first home, downsizing into a new phase of life, or confronted with a need to sell because of a difficult situation, each brings a unique goal or wish to the table. The most rewarding part of my job is helping a buyer or seller achieve their goals, which will ultimately allow them to transition into whatever life holds next.”

With over 1,000 homes sold throughout his career, Galo lends his expertise in negotiation to our clients at each phase of the sale. “There are really two phases of negotiation that are critical: negotiating the initial sales price and terms, and the negotiation after the home inspection.” Galo aptly navigates these two phases of negotiation and keeps all parties focused on a timely close. His working knowledge of general construction, plus the mechanical, environmental, and safety issues that can be raised during inspections, is invaluable to our clients. Galo’s solution-focused approach ensures that our clients are educated and empowered to make decisions that maximize their interests at each stage of the transaction.

As a former REO agent for one of the largest such firms in the country, and a real estate investor himself, Galo’s experience also translates into success for our investor clients. While working for a local builder as Director of Acquisitions, Galo founded the company’s in-house real estate brokerage, where he personally marketed and sold their portfolio of new single-family spec homes, from pre-construction through to the post-construction phase. “Whether flipping or building, less time on the market equals a higher profit margin. My job is to pave the way to a quick and seamless close for our clients.”

Galo is a graduate of Rutgers College at Rutgers University and a lifelong resident of New Jersey.