Frank Milatta

Sales Representative





I’m a business savvy Realtor, Investor & General Contractor offering 25+ years of experience driving revenue growth and investment returns in the New Jersey, New York & Puerto Rico real estate markets.

As a realtor, my goal is to create the most demand & emotional excitement about your home & neighborhood so you sell at the highest possible price, all while guiding & helping you navigate the sometimes complete & challenging selling process.

I provide great market insight, rich resource knowledge base, business minded skillset & superior guidance that helps my clients make better transactional decisions.

Provide great transaction resources, contractors, attorneys, lenders, etc. that helps make opportunities happen and transactional process easier & less stressful.

I’m someone you can trust & would enjoy working with.

MS in Real Estate Development from NYU and a BS in Marketing & Economics from Syracuse University. Active in several non-profits, including South Amboy Arts (focus is on attracting & providing arts & culture programming to the community) and has leadership roles on several real estate-related boards.

I offer free consultations for RE opportunities you are looking to peruse. Opportunities that would best meet your goals and needs.

Connect with me on my various social media pages and follow my pages to Get the Latest Market Conditions, Investment Opportunities, Listing Updates And More.

I look forward to working with you.